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bone grafting

Today we have the ability to grow bone where needed. Bone grafting makes available treatments, such as dental implants, which in the past might not have been an option for some patients.

We don't have to look far to find suitable bone for grafting. Bone can be harvested from within the oral cavity in areas of the chin and posterior third molar areas of the jaw. Larger quantities of bone can be harvested from the hip and outer aspect of the tibia, the so-called "shin bone".

Most bone grafting procedure can be performed safely in our office under IV sedation or general anesthesia. Depending on the medical condition and amount of bone needed for grafting, the procedure may be performed in a hospital.

Sinus Lift
The main purpose of the bone in your alveolus is to support your dentition. When you lose teeth, over time, the bone dissolves away. This leaves an inadequate ridge thickness to place dental implants. In the upper jaw, the level of the bone can be manipulated by placing bone into the sinus above the ridge by a process we called a sinus lift. This stacking of bone from above will facilitate the placement of implants into an area that otherwise would not be amendable to supporting dental implants.

Ridge Preservation
When you lose teeth, the natural process for the bone is to dissolve away leaving a ridge with decreased height and/or width. If dental implants are to be considered as future replacement for the missing teeth, ridge preservation should be considered. Ridge preservation is a bone grafting technique that maintains and preserves the ridge architecture for future support of dental implants and is performed at the time of dental extractions or within a short time thereafter.

Ridge Augmentation
If the ridge has undergone severe resorption, a bone graft can be placed in the defect to augment the height and/or width for support of dental implants or dentures.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
Also known as Autologous Platelet Concentration, PRP is the latest technique in bone grafting technology. Platelets are best known for their ability to create blood clots at the site of a wound to stop bleeding. However, researchers have found that they do much more than that. They also have the ability to stimulate bone growth. With recent advancement in platelet concentration techniques, we can now offer the treatment in our office at minimal cost to you. The concentrated platelet is incorporated with the bone graft resulting in a denser graft and shortened treatment time.

Each patient will present with a unique situation. Only after a thorough evaluation will Dr. Huynh recommend a technique or techniques suitable to your situation. Please contact our office to arrange a bone grafting consultation with Dr. Huynh.




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